Silesian Finger


This is a "finger" used for making holes in Silesian dumplings.
You will have your own finger rescued from getting dirty.
What is more all of your dumplings will have the same cool holes.
Silesian dumplings recipe is added to each of 'Silesian Fingers'.

Available colors of thongs: black, brown, grey, orange, yellow, red.
Each of set include: finger, the package for finger, leaflet with recipe of Silesian dumplings written in Silesian dialect and English,

finger size: 65x20x20 mm
thong length: 80 cm

china, silver, leather thong

Handmade with using goldsmith techniques.

There is a possibility to order jewelry on individual customer requests.
e.g. different color

Please write color of thong while ordering: black, brown, yellow, grey, red, orange, blue, pink, purple.

Porcelain Silesian Finger

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