Saffa is a bold attempt to materialize an extraordinary idea, incorporating unique

form and exquisite materials.

It is a new approach to the reality and discovery of unique patterns that can be seen

in jewelry.

It is a manifest; it’s a refusal to follow the beaten track and accepted norms. It is a

brave passion to evolve and create.

Saffa is a certified jewelry brand designed and produced by Marta Szafraniec.

Each collection is uniquely beautiful and designed with its very own story to be told.

The final product is a result of well researched and consistent design work

encapsulated in a vision of excellence.

Each piece begins with an initial idea and then a bespoke pathway is forged leading

to the materialization of the project. The ultimate goal at the end of the project is to

create aesthetic pleasure for the customer; the surprise element must be paramount

and time must stand still when the product is first unveiled.

The form comes form the idea. 


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